Smart Jewelry to Protect Women from Sexual Assault

walking1Athena, a wearable smart device intended to protect women from assault, is the first product released by social justice innovators Roar for Good.

Easily clipped to bags or clothing, the piece of smart jewelry allows women a subtle way to call for help should they ever feel unsafe or threatened.

Pressing the button for three seconds causes Athena to emit a loud alarm while sending a distress message with its wearer’s GPS location to stored emergency contacts. The concave structure of the button prevents accidental alarms, and pressing the button quickly three times sends a silent message when its user is in need of discretion.

Roar for Good co-founder and Chief Executive Yasmine Mustafa explained the thought process behind the device’s capabilities in an interview with Her Philly.

“We talked to police and self-defense instructors and asked them what would work best in terms of a deterrent that can’t be used against the wearer,” she said. “Existing self-defense tools double as weapons and we learned women are afraid they’ll be overpowered and they’re own device would be used against them.”

Read the full piece at Future of Sex.

Image via Michael.


  1. These devices always give me such mixed feelings. I know they are a good idea, but that it’s necessary at all is SO depressing.

    I suppose there’s also part of me that feels like there might be less of a problem if the amount of resources involved in making all these methods for women to protect themselves were also used to teach men not to rape people.

    That said on the rare occasions I do a late night dash from the bus stop to my house I would really like a gadget like that. Life eh?

    1. Statistically though women are more likely to be sexually assaulted by men who they know and trust. I think gadgets like this are important and play a vital role in preventing crimes like Jill Meagher’s rape and murder a few years ago.

      Teaching men not to rape *sounds* like a good idea but I’m pretty sure most people know not to rape in the same way that most people know not to murder or steal. And yet, crime still pervades out society. There is a case for raising awareness of the different kinds of sexual assault and the importance of clear consent but this doesn’t need to be a gendered discussion. Sit young girls and boys down in sex-ed in schools to teach them both about the importance of consent etc.

      Looking forward to more articles.

      1. I totally agree with you. I think the gendering of sex ed is so odd. My friend went to a school where they took the girls out of class to give them a lesson about ‘personal safety.’ I don’t know what the boys were doing at the time. While yeah, stuff like that is important, I think the time could have been better sent trying to actually give kids a clear idea of what consent means.

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