The Value of a Comfortable Abortion

Untitled-e1447144340358When I was 19 I had an abortion. It was an obvious choice and one I’ll never regret. Fortunately, I lived somewhere where terminations were legal, accessible and safe. Still, the experience was in no way ideal.

My concern wasn’t ethics. Having been instilled with feminist beliefs from a young age, I knew better than to feel guilt or shame. It was the thought of the procedure that terrified me. I shuddered at the idea of stark white walls and clinical waiting rooms. The thought of entering a clinic seemed to me like crossing a threshold and handing over my ownership. I was a contradiction: this was what I wanted, but it intimidated me. For weeks I’d been living alone with the anxiety of my abortion. I wasn’t ready to give it away and make it real.

There were a lot of things I wasn’t prepared for. Protesters greeted me, throwing me immediately out of my comfort zone with their signs and pleas to ‘choose life’. In my head now things go differently. I say I did. I chose mine.

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Image via Issara Willenskomer


  1. Thank you for sharing your story! I read the full article on A pregnant woman who doesn’t want a baby is going through a difficult enough time without having to listen to protestors preach to her and spend hours in the waiting room until she is called. I’m glad there’s now a viable alternative to surgical abortion.

  2. OK, Kezia I have been with you a while, even when you did not post. There was a reason. I had a gf that lived with me and we both went through not one but two abortions. We were both world class runners. She talked in her sleep and wept. I lived through every night with her. I could have a 25 year old son or daughter and a 24 year old. It does catch up with you. It did for me a long time ago. I hope you are OK, Paul.

  3. Reblogged this on Equal Anarchy and commented:
    It saddens me that there are still people object to abortions. Women should have control of their bodies. It shouldn’t be something we need to debate anymore.

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