Please Stop Emotionally Investing in Beyonce

2014 MTV Video Music Awards - ShowHere’s something I wrote for The Morning Bell about celebrity idealization. Feminist women entrenched in pop-culture are raised up to a pedestal for their beliefs. However, we tear them down for the very same thing. In this piece I look at who is to blame for the outrage and disappointment felt by fans when a feminist icon lets them down.

Is it our fault for thrusting expectations onto celebrities, for labeling them as iconic for beliefs they may not have consciously adhered to?

Read it here:


  1. I really like this article. To choose a feminist ideal that is individual and to allow every other woman to do so, is the goal of standing together under the umbrella of feminism. You expressed that goal perfectly.

  2. Lovely article. Even the most consecrated of feminists can fall short of our high expectations and ideals sometimes.

    Reminds me of something Roxane Gay said, “I believe feminism is grounded in supporting the choices of women even if we wouldn’t make certain choices for ourselves.”

  3. I concur with your title and statement, plus she’s a satanist so good people should opt out of all things Beyonce. She is also one of my tormenters by using her satanism. I am a Holy Saint and GOD is cleaning up the entertainment industry.

  4. We always seem to forget so called celebrities are humans too. While I admire Beyonce in her field, I think it’s only a child who would want to idolise a celebrity. And why I wouldn’t agree with someone who says she’s a Satanist too(absurd way for a Christian to think)

  5. And even for a child that idolizes any celebrity, one should asked what that child was taught or exposed to. I mean, you can admire someone’s work/talent but why idolize? They human just as you are.

  6. Great piece. Yes, feminism is individual. We can’t all be lumped into one bag. And thanks for following my blog. So glad you enjoyed it! I will definitely be keeping up with you as well.

  7. Hi Kezia
    Your blog is great!! Would you fancy joining the Feminist Academic Collective? Thanks for the follow btw!
    Just let me know and I’ll add you to ‘About’ if you’re interested!
    All the best

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