Why Bridget Jones’s Diary is Classic Feminist Literature

jonesI’ve been saying this for years. There’s something about Bridget – other than the fact that we would obviously be best friends – that makes believe she’s a feminist icon.

In this article I wrote for The Morning Bell I have pinpointed exactly what it is about Bridget’s character that radiates awesome female power. It’s her flaws. Her obvious, stupid and hilarious flaws.

Many believe that we’re in the middle of third wave feminism, a movement that takes place primarily over the internet. A large part of the fight is refusing to live up to the rigid standards we are expected to as women. And so, there has never been more need for Bridget Jones – an icon to bring us back down to earth and remember what we are: flawed, clumsy and a little bit fat. But she does more than just that, she helps us embrace it. Take a look here –


Image: sweet mandy kay


  1. Love the idea of Bridget advice! And I’m curious to know what you think of Bridget ‘launching’ the chick lit wave. I’d say it was publishers realizing that books by and about women–imperfect women–had a market. For a little while, anyway.

    1. Hi Kezia! It’s great to hear of someone who also is a fan of Bridget and for all the reasons you gave, because I feel the same way. Thank you! 🙂

  2. If ever I’m shut indoors due to the lurgy or an impending attack by zombies, this would be one of my films of choice. Note to self….watch it tonight,

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