Emma Watson’s UN Speech was Used, Recycled Perfection

UNwomen_EmmaWatson_GoodwillAmbassador_2-jpgSo I’ve recently published an article on The Morning Bell blog about Emma Watson’s speech at the UN. Zara McDonald at Mamamia wrote that Watson’s words were nothing but an echo of the women before her and should not be considered revolutionary.

In my article I argue that a ground-breaking speech doesn’t have to be new. The only way we can cause a revolution is to keep saying the same thing, exemplifying the drastic need for change. Take a look here –



  1. > (from the linked article) ‘The content of Watson’s speech has been recycled countless times by countless feminists. We’re not going to come up with new material….’

    Indeed. And even before feminism her message was often repeated by similarly young, attractive, puny (ie vulnerable) women who could not (or were not prepared to) do manual labour or other unpleasant and dangerous tasks which they considered ‘men’s work’.

    Emma Watson’s message used to be called ‘chivalry’ which means men putting women’s safety, comfort and wellbeing above their own, and often at great risk or inconvenience to themselves.

    ‘Heforshe’ is a rebranding of chivalry. ‘He for she’ means males (he) doing stuff (for) females (she).

    Chivalry itself is an aspect of ‘patriarchy’ which is basically a system where women’s comfort, security and wellbeing is placed at the centre of society (even to the point of limiting women’s freedoms to keep her out of harms way …… the coal mine, the shipyard, the battlefield etc) to ensure the best possible chances of successful reproduction and thus survival of the community or tribe. In patriarchal societies men are praised and valued for dutifully sacrificing themselves for women and children (carrot).

    In feminist societies men and women who do not place feminist’s needs and wants at the centre of society are shamed and attacked by feminists (stick).

    Emma Watson earned her fortune by playing the role of a bossy precocious schoolgirl in a movie which celebrated and normalised the elitist English public school system circa the 18th / 19th centuries – arguably the most patriarchal institution there has every been (given that our upbringing defines our attitudes towards life – and our respective gender roles and gender identities).

    How fitting that she should end up on a podium demanding more chivalry/ patriarchy from everyone, demands that were sprinkled with politically correct neuro-linguistic programming which left everybody ‘on a high’.

    Clearly the poor girl has issues. She is a classic combination of material privilege and high social status combined with the devastating effects of a modern dysfunctional upbringing (divorced parents etc). In other words a classic outspoken, man shaming, patriarchy / chivalry promoting feminist.

    Emma Watson HeForShe UN Speech REBUTTAL!

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